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The “band” was formed in southern West Virginia, in 2005.

All Instruments, Lyrics, Vocals, & Production
performed solely by: Slate Dump,
unless otherwise noted.

All songs recorded live, and in one-take,
employing a variety of techniques.

” ….his playing is unique ….drawing in the audience with an endearing
vulnerability, then hilariously disarming them with his clever lyrics…..
If you get the chance to see Slate Dump perform live, you should.
You’ll be in for a fun time.”
~ Rudy Panucci of Radio Free Charleston (West Virginia)

“There are awesome “modern” blues bands out there: Haggard Wulf, Slate Dump, & Stalnaker Brothers, just to name three we’ve enjoyed watching on this tour already. The blues ain’t gonna die because it’s emotional validity is universal.”
~ Rob K. of The Chumps/The Workdogs/The Jam Messengers (Hawaii)

“I like the atmospheric music, Mr Slate Dump…”
~ One Man In The Band (Film Page)

“inspired! …..you are really turning shit into coal. great stuff.”
~ The Dad Horse Experience (Germany)

” ……right between Leadbelly and the Sex Pistols.”
~ J. Marinelli & his angry young one-man-band (Kentucky)

“Hey I really like your music, sounds fuckin’ class over here!”
~ Sleepy Eyes Nelson (Scotland)

“The real deal downhome sound.”
~ Paul Caporino of M.O.T.O. (Louisiana)

“You are a very black man.”
~ Slackeye Slim (Wisconsin)

“Slate Dump is the Isaac Hayes of Trash Blues.”
~ Evan Ray Mitchell (Illinois)

“Drinking coffee and listening to Slate Dump in the morning. That’s all!”
~ Chuck Violence & His 0ne Man Band (Brasil)

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