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  1. Intro
  2. Mantrips in Motion
  3. Bedbug Epidemic
  4. Ragweed
  5. Face Rake
  6. Hoo Hoo Holler
  7. Collarbones
  8. Hurtin’ So Bad (Her Blues)
  9. Ode to Jim
  10. Ratchet Dogs
  11. Behind the Ears
  12. Fair Trade
  13. (They Call Me) Mean-ness
  14. Scars
  15. Jay Ray Stole My Beer
  16. Random Park Girl
  17. Route 3 Saturday Night
  18. Outro

All* songs written, performed and produced by SLATE DUMP
Released October 31, 2010

*except for tracks 1 and 6 by Roberto LeBlanc, track 7 by Marly, track 14 by Sean Herman and track 18 by Greg Metrick.
Track 15 co-written by Jay Ray and J. M. McQuillen. Track 16 written by Jamie S. Lowery and J. M. McQuillen.
Covers, collabs and guest appearances used with permission.

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