Jason draws inspiration for much of his original music from West Virginia’s people, culture and mountainous landscape. Some of his influences, such as Hasil Adkins, Jesco White and Bill Withers, likewise hail from West Virginia. Nevertheless, Jason has a diverse variety of influences that run the gamut from Skip James to Tiny Tim, Jimmie Rodgers to AC/DC, and Shock G to Daniel Johnston.


Blue Oyster Cult, Dead Milkmen, DEVO, Leadbelly, Marty Robbins, Prince, The Ramones, Red Sovine, Roger Miller, Wesley Willis, & Woody Guthrie


J. Marinelli & His Angry Young One-Man-Band, The Dad Horse Experience, Mosquito Bandito, The Limbs, Sleepy Eyes Nelson, Mussy Cluves, Captain Catfeesh, J. Glenn, Joseph Christ, Slackeye Slim, The Oh Johnny! Girls, 8-Bit, Black Joe Lewis, Punk Bunny, Bloodshot Bill, Roddy von Seldeneck, Roberto LeBlanc, Tim Fite, The Association of Brasilian Monobandas

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