SLATE DUMP liveThe band was formed in southern West Virginia, in 2005. Drawing from his roots in Raleigh County, West Virginia, one-man-band SLATE DUMP creates Americana music with elements of folk, blues, roots and punk.

Jason chose his stage name SLATE DUMP from the piles of coal debris, or slate dumps, that have long covered Appalachia as a byproduct of the mining industry. Many of the slate dumps that he grew up sledding on have been “reclamated” with turf, but Jason believes that these reclamated slate dumps lack the charm of their grittier predecessors.

SLATE DUMP has released five LP albums since 2007 as well as a most requested / greatest hits compilation. All Instruments, Lyrics, Vocals, & Production performed solely by SLATE DUMP, except where otherwise noted. All songs recorded live and in one take, employing a variety of techniques.

SLATE DUMP is currently performing in the area around Memphis, Tennessee. Contact Jason to discuss booking, media, collaborations and other possibilities.


Acoustic guitar, harmonica, kazoo, percussion, sampler, vocals, coal-bucket foot drum

Latest Album

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